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United States of America

Jeremiah Britton is a designer and artist currently working as the Creative Director of Art and Graphics at WeWork in New York City. He works across branding, illustration, lettering, installation and environmental design. He has worked with a range of freelance clients including Microsoft, AOL, Scratch Viacom, McKinney, DDB New York, and West Elm.

WeWork Installations II

WeWork Installations II

As a full time art director and designer for WeWork, I help the architecture and interior design team create unique spaces for our members. Each space around the country has it's own unique vibe, and the murals, wayfinding, and custom art projects I create help to make each space feel special. Projects include painted murals, custom chalk installations and custom wallpapers.

(Three Above) Everybody Hustle illustrative typographic mural at the WeWork Soho West lobby in New York City. Painting installation by Overall Murals.

(Three Above) Jay Z lyric mural hand painted with the help of interior designer and architect, Dean Connell. Installed at the new WeWork South Bank in London, England, this piece was meant to be a fun "tongue-in-cheek" jab at the new WeWorkers in London. Since we are an NYC based company, it was fun to bring the NYC flavor with a Jay Z lyric that pokes fun at the iconic British band, Oasis. 

(Four Above) Chalkboard typographic wall installation in the lobby of WeWork Charging Bull in New York City. I worked with Creative Director, Devin Vermeulen, and designer Sam Ubinas, to hand letter and install over 20 chalkboards that included survey responses from WeWork members.

A Hostess cupcake inspired damask wallpaper installation in the lobby of WeWork Wonderbread Factory in Washington D.C.

(Above Three) I created a WeWork grid wallpaper that can be easily customized for every new WeWork location. The wallpaper is filled with illustrations unique to each city as well as typographic inspiration. Featured above: WeWork Fort Point in Boston, Mass. WeWork Charging Bull in New York City, and WeWork Wonderbread Factory in Washington D.C.