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United States of America

Jeremiah Britton is a designer and artist currently working as the Creative Director of Art and Graphics at WeWork in New York City. He works across branding, illustration, lettering, installation and environmental design. He has worked with a range of freelance clients including Microsoft, AOL, Scratch Viacom, McKinney, DDB New York, and West Elm.


Bordering New York's Bryant Park is one of WeWork's most iconic locations. The WeWork Bryant Park building is a very small, 11 story building with intimate floor plates and historic details. I worked with WeWork interior designer, Cindi Leung, to create the art and graphic program for the building. A normal project is filled with custom wallpapers and neon signs, however, this project allowed for a large mural that wrapped the historic staircase. The project was not originally planned for and demanded a weekend of no sleep and all night illustration in order to hit a Monday morning deadline.

I researched the history of the building and learned that before the current structure, which was built by The Republican Party Club of New York in 1902, a wooden church sat at this location. The building changed hands between the Overseas Press Club and a rehab center before WeWork took possession. 

This mural is in the exact place where there was once a large mural painted by Lumen Martin Winter, artist and designer of the Apollo 13 astronaut patch. I made sure to pay homage to his work in both my illustrations and cropped New York Times articles explaining his large scale artwork.

The piece was painted by Overall Murals.